Your Personal Concierge for the Business Traveller

Day 2 Day Personal Concierge service for the Business traveller visiting Melbourne

Coming to Melbourne on business?
First time or have you been here before?

We can put together a package for your trip to Melbourne to make things easier, more comfortable for you during your stay.

We can organise your plane flights and hotel accommodation or perhaps you would prefer to stay in an apartment.

We would be happy to pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation.

Do you like to eat out somewhere different each night? – We have an Entertainment Card for use which offers discounted meals at many Melbourne restaurants and cafes.

If you have a self contained apartment, we can stock the fridge with essentials and if you prefer to ‘eat in’ we can arrange to have some home-cooked meals ready for you to heat up You may like to attend a Networking event, a live show or exhibition while you are here, we can make those arrangements.

If you need any secretarial services during your stay, let us know and we can assist you.

If you get to have some time-off, we can take you on a private tour of the beautiful Yarra Valley or perhaps the Mornington Peninsula – it can be arranged. You may like to use the time off to pursue a favourite hobby – just ask.

Is your family accompanying you on this trip? I’m sure we can suggest some great activities and sites to take in around Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Day 2 Day Personal Concierge service for the Business traveller visiting Melbourne.

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“In the last few weeks, I can't stop talking about how great a service Debbie's is. When I met Debbie, I loved the concept of Day2Day Personal Concierge, but really only imagined that I'd be referring her to others. After all, I was perfectly capable of doing all the things I needed to do. Well! When overwhelm hit my life, getting help was worth whatever dollars it took to stop the agony of drowning in tasks! So I called Debbie - in a really desperate state! She did tasks like:

  • Shopping for clothes for my elderly Mum with dementia (including taking up the pants)
  • Taking Mum for a haircut and managed her difficult behaviour with ease
  • Purchasing wrapped and posted birthday presents for young relatives
  • Finding me a new vegetable crisper for my frig
  • Finding me some gardeners to come and do some gardening cleanup (in time for a planned event)
  • Finding me a car seat for my grandchild With every task completed, arriving, reported on, AND off my plate, the relief and gratitude grew

I began to breathe again! Briefing her was quick, professional, practical and focused. Communication back and forth was effective, reassuring and concise with not too much and not too little! And despite running around for me, Debbie remained careful with my money/purchased time but still managed to add little wow factors along the way! Debbie's phone number will now remain on speed dial for me!”

Chris Owen, Owner of Pink Apple