What we can do for you

Taking Time off to Wait for Tradies?

How much time off work have you taken to stay at home waiting for a tradesman to arrive? We can do that for you and clean out a few cupboards or fold some washing while we are waiting.

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Keep on Forgetting that Special Occasion?

Especially for the gentlemen. The lady in your life will be so impressed that you’ve remembered her birthday/anniversary and even bought her a gift. We can do all that for you. Your lady will never know – our secret.

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Running out of Time to Buy that Present?

I know a science professor who has commented that in the past, if her young son was invited to a birthday party, the present had to be bought from Safeway or 7eleven or it just didn’t happen.

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Need to Meet a Relative at the Airport but can’t make it?

The CEO has just requested your presence at an important meeting at 5:45pm. You were supposed to be at the airport to meet your aunt and uncle from the UK. Call us and we will collect your relatives and take them to your home/hotel and ensure they are comfortable and have everything they need until your arrival.

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"Debbie does such a fabulous job of taking the pressure off and making things easier for you. I engaged Debbie for 3 full days in a high pressure environment and she really did give me the space to be able to focus and took care of everything I didn't need to be doing. I cannot recommend her highly enough"

Client from Blackburn

Great help! Friendly, organised and very very efficient. Would not hesitate to recommend the service to someone else in need of an extra pair of hands.

Maureen Gearon, West Brunswick.

Absolutely brilliant service Debbie! Almost intuitive which just makes it so much easier.

Cheryl Rowville

For most of us, it's hard to ask for help. Don't hesitate: Deb's help will improve your quality of life AND your peace of mind. I just wish I'd taken the plunge sooner.

Michelle Spencer, Camberwell

We engaged the services of Day 2 Day Personal Concierge to assist with overflow work. The support involved making phone calls to collect payments to fulfill orders and complete an online order system with details of the call and/or process the payment. Debbie handled all calls professionally and I would not hesitate to engage her services again should the need arise.

Kirsty Wilson,
Interim Business Solutions

Debbie is like a breath of fresh air and enormous relief all wrapped into a delightful package. She brought a can-do, nothing's-impossible attitude with her and took my worries off my plate. She dealt with everything I asked for (and more) with a practical style and brought calm and reassurance to my overwhelm.

Chris Owen
Pink Apple, Blackburn South

We have used your service more than once and will continue to use it as needed. We happily refer our clients to you because we know you are trustworthy and professional.