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Want to Have a Party But it’s all Too Hard?

Is it really that time of year already? My, how the year goes past so quickly. Party time! You may find you are running out of time, so many bits and pieces to source -Delegate the job to us, not a problem

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All Confused on Where to go on Holiday?

While we are on the subject of holidays, why don’t you ask Day 2 Day to make enquiries about your next trip? Researching destinations, hotels etc can be so time consuming. Let us help you.

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Going on Holiday and
Need House Key Minding?

So you are off on a holiday, wonderful! Whilst you are away, we will collect your mail, feed the dog/cat, take your dog for a walk and if need be, pay some bills for you. We can even stock the fridge with some essentials for your return.

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Clothes need a bit of attention?

Okay, now how many of you have a pile of clothes in the bottom of the basket that need to be dropped off at the dry cleaners or need a bit of repair? It may be a hem or button but haven’t quite got around it. Give us a ring , easily done.

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“I first met Debbie at a fund raising event, and since then I have called on her services many times. Debbie has become an important part of my business, not only because she is reliable, but, she always adds a little extra, no matter what job she is given, she will always look at how she can make it better, improve it and make it more personal. Its good old fashioned service, and she does it with flair. I highly recommend Debbie, and please feel free to contact me direct for any further information.

Robyn Vogels, Personnel Relocations

“Just three or four hours a week of Debbie over a three month period literally turned my life around. Having her pick up on all the day to day administrative "stuff" that I was drowning in enabled me to focus on the things that I needed to be working on as the business owner. Debbie is fast, accurate, personable, multi-skilled and quickly picks up new tasks. Plus she oozes initiative. What more can you ask of a temp PA?”

Brenda Thomson

“Deb is your Go To Girl when stuff needs to get done. She's the type of person who rolls her sleeves up (beautifully pressed sleeves, of course), and gets your job done. She's organised. Light-hearted. Highly personable. And more efficient than I'll ever be. You want her on your team.”

Tim Reid , Co-Founder , Small Business Big Marketing

“Hi Debbie Just wanted to say what a great benefit it was to have you sort out our storage locker. It was just sitting there as something I must get round to clearing out and stopping the monthly payments we had to store what was really junk. So thanks a million you are a real money saver."

Jenny - Carnegie