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As a treat, for first post in 2012, we welcome Bernadette Leahy who is the Single Gal Over 30 Finance Whiz. Enjoy….

In lieu of Prince Charming prancing into any single, 30 something gal’s life, (hopefully he won’t be prancing, a confident strut would certainly be equally acceptable!), there is some ‘secret women’s business’ that must be attended to.

Uh huh, big, fat, secret women’s business. No questions asked.

If you want to ensure that you have your financial “goodies” plucked, perky and taunt as ever, (rather than being the floppy, saggy kind), ready for whatever – or whoever – is going to come charging into your life, well ladies, please listen up.

I think we’d all agree here, that when you’re a single chick, your friends and your social life are what adds the va-va-voom to life.  I know, I know, sure there can be the occasional dalliance that comes your way (hmmm, sexy to boot too). But if you do wake up bleary-eyed one morning to find yourself, shock-horror, single in your 30’s, it’s all going to be about how we spend our time, honey.

Saturday morning brekkies with the girls, Thursday night dinners, Friday night champers and the occasional splurge on some mighty fine heels online can definitely be yes, fun.  With a capital F.

Ka ching.  Ka Ching… 

Visa bill in and I owe what?  Breathe….  Slowly….

Unfortunately, this single thing doesn’t come cheaply. If there isn’t some hot-blooded man by your side that you are navigating the financial maze with, it’s you and you alone, who has to come up with the goodies to cover everything. The fixed stuff.  The ongoing stuff.  The fun stuff.  Every month.  (I’m getting a head ache…)

However, it’s when you become in such hot demand that you find your sweet tush searching for coins down the back of the couch for your morning coffee, it can a bit of a rude awakening.  There are certain realities to how far your budget will stretch and what we single ladies can – and can’t do.  God damn it!

It can be an expensive gig this single thing!

I’m certainly not suggesting that you “suck it up” and live your life glued to the couch under house arrest, only occasionally getting out and ‘doing your thing’.  Without question ladies, it is a big MUST that we grab life by our painted nails and suck the bejesus out of it.

But before we pucker up to get ready to suck like there is no tomorrow, we have to be a bit smart here. Yes, smart.  So, here are some things I think you ought to know, to ensure that you are a sassy, financially savvy, hot little piece of work.

Read on ladies!

1)      Drinks are on me?  Uh…no.  Not this time

You know what I am talking about.  Is it you?  Yes you? Are you always the girl who, at every outing with the girls, grabs the bill from the table and pulls out your glittering, well loved, pink credit card, offering to pay for everyone? “Drinks are on me!” you cry, as you secretly wonder if your run of good luck is about to come to an embarrassing end.

Don’t get me wrong.  It’s a wonderful thing to be able to be that one that pays for all your friends with a meal or a drink or two.  Kudos to you. It feels good.  For a bit.  And then it starts to hurt.  And believe it or not, it can be kind of embarrassing, for the person on the other end if it happens all the time.

Please don’t fall into the trap of always offering to pay. Allow your friends to have the opportunity to repay the favour.  It feels good!  For everyone.

2)      Know what you’ve got 

ATM’s are everywhere, baby.  Winking at you.  Daring you to take out your hard earned moolah at any opportunity. They are on every street corner aren’t they, seducing you in?  Or so the banks would lead you to believe.

So, I made an executive decision.  Whenever I pulled my hard earned money out of one of those little ATM’s, I’d take out an amount.  This amount would be exactly what I knew I needed for the ‘fun stuff’ for the next fortnight.  That was it.  Not a penny more.  And once she was gone, she was gone. And I will tell you this ladies, when you realise you only have a couple of those orange ones left to get you through the weekend, mark my words you will spend it wisely.

So choose a figure ladies – and hang your hat (or lacy bra) on it!  And stick to it.  No questions.

3)      Be desirable.  For all the right reasons.

Ok, so maybe it is true.  We women want to be wanted. But when being wanted turns into some cringe-worthy, erratic behaviour (i.e. stalking!) that makes us stand out for all the wrong reasons, that’s when you have to hope you have the foresight to stop (or you have some friends who hide your car keys).

It’s no different with our moolah.  When it comes to financial matters, please ensure that you are a girl who stands out, for all the right reasons.  If you want to start dating someone (a bank), show them that you are a chick they want to be in relationship with.  Not just for the short-term but for the long-term.  Don’t be the girl who they see as worthy of the one night stand.

So what does this mean?  In money terms, consistent savings – check. Good work history – check. Bills paid on time – check. It’s not rocket science but sometimes so easy to let slip. Manage those financial goodies of yours and manage them well.


So ladies, that’s it from me for now. Hopefully enough to get you thinking, But you have questions?  Savings. Seriously savings…what are they?   I have to choose?  Really?  But how do I get it to stretch?  Bla…bla…bla….

Well have no fear ladies, help is on the way!  Log on to my website www.getmoneybackproject.com.au and sneak in your email address.  I will then shoot out to you the 5 hot tips in gory, juicy detail, about all this secret financial stuff for you, the sexy single 30 something that you are! 

Ciao, ciao for now.

Bernadette Leahy

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