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Nooo! It can’t be your turn.  Surely you hosted the last party  But no, it was months ago.

Now the problem is how to set up and host a fabulous party while you and your partner are both buried in work and short on time.

Themes, catering, planning, organising…  Thank heavens your Personal Concierge can take care of it for you.  You can get all your work done, meeting your deadlines, and then swan home to the party without a care in the world.  You will look like you are superwoman.

Managing events at home take just the same amount of skill as managing events at work.  You need to know what to delegate when, and to whom.  You already have those skills so why is it that you are reluctant to use them at home?  You don’t have to BE a superwoman.  You just have to LOOK as though you are.

There will be much of the preparation that you can’t manage so the wisest things to delegate are:

  • Finding a caterer
  • Sourcing decorations for your theme
  • Arranging the delivery of the cake
  • The purchasing of gifts if required
  • Set up of the event
  • Sourcing and delivery of hired crockery and cutlery if required
  • Set up of the event space

Delegating these tasks will take the burden away and your stress levels will be back to normal.  You will be able to focus on your work, which is handy seeing it pays the bills!

Even better, though, is that by the time the party arrives you will still have enough energy left to enjoy it.

Give yourself a break.  No one needs to know what your secret it.  All they need to do is to enjoy the party, and so do you.

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When several of my friends turned 30, it was as though they’d completely and utterly disappeared off the face of the earth.  Ignoring calls of those who wanted to help them celebrate they silently let their birthday slip by.  Needless to say, this was incredibly boring.

Who wants to hide away?  Not me.  When we’re getting older and have fewer reasons for a night out, if there’s a good excuse for a party, use it.

Of course, it’s not about the party – it’s about you.  Birthdays are a celebration of everything you are and everything you still want to be.  Ok, so they do also coincide with getting older, but before drowning yourself in a litre of gin at the thought, consider the convenient fact that you are only ever as old as you feel.

And if there’s one way to feel good, it’s being surrounded by your favourite people at your favourite place, doing all of your favourite things (yes, it’s all about you!).  In stark contrast, choosing to shut yourself away from the world and devouring your own body weight in chocolate will not make you feel good about yourself by any stretch of the tracksuit pant.

Why not let it all hang out, so to speak?  If you’re having a milestone birthday, make it memorable. Do something you’ve never done before.  Try something (or someone) new. Make the party last all weekend.  No one ever said that you have to act your age so forget the number, put on the glamour and strut your stuff like a star.

Feeling despondent about hitting thirty or forty might be an easy trap to fall into but don’t be fooled.  In another ten years from your milestone birthday will you want to remember it for the night you hid at home with the lights off, hoping no one would think you’re in?  I thought not.  For your next milestone birthday make it one to remember – get out there, live it up – party like the star you are.  You only turn that age once!

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Another party planning tip for you – how to make easy yet effective tea-light decorations for your next outdoor party or barbeque. They are also fun to make too!

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So you are thinking of having a party? – sharing your special day with those that mean the most to you.  Sounds like fun!

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Date and time – don’t forget to consider the weather when locking in a date.
  • How many guests – how much room have you got?
  • Theme – is there one? Fancy dress, special colour etc
  • Invitations – formal/informal – rsvp date by phone or email.
  • Inside or outside – do you need a marquee, more lighting?
  • Catering – self or outsource.
  • Drinks – barman? glasses? esky’s?
  • Decorations
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • Waiting staff or friends?
  • For a teenage party – security?
  • Cake – don’t forget the candles.
  • Camera and/or video – charge the batteries.
  • Oh and you might want to clean the oven too.

Remember if this party is for you… it is important that you enjoy all the fun.  Outsource what you can, so you can be a guest at your own party!

If it all seems too hard – give me a call, Debbie at Day 2 Day Personal Concierge.

I can do it all for you.

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