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Do you want to give a gift to someone who has everything? Do you want to give a gift to someone who always seems to be rushing from one task to the next task without making headway?  Some days are like a juggling act no matter how organised you are.

Why don’t you consider giving my services as a gift – be it Christmas, births, special occasions, or corporate events. I’m a Personal Concierge who provides home and lifestyle assistance.

I take care of all of the details that fill up your day.  I get rid of the clutter from your lives so that you can actually get out and enjoy yourself.

I can mind your house, feed your pets, organise your special events, pay your bills and fix up your paperwork.  You can use me by the hour or book a set time each week.

Just think of me as a gift voucher that your loved one can redeem when he or she needs helps.  (I fancy myself printed on up-market paper, of course!)

I come in very handy during those stressful times in life.  If your friend is having a baby or moving house they will bless the moment they met you if you share my services with them.  You know what a difference I can make in a life.  Why not give me at Christmas to someone who could do with a hand?

Call or email me, would love to hear from you!

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Well it’s about that time of year already – you know the time when you really should start thinking about Christmas. What? Surely not; but as the management of department stores will tell you, Christmas planning starts in October – well the decorations are out already, so it must be!

Whether you are happy about it or not, now is the time to get the thinking caps on and explore ways of letting your clients know exactly how much you appreciate them. You might do this at other times of the year but for now we will concentrate on the festive season.

According to research a handwritten Christmas card and envelope are the most appreciated items received by clients and customers. This is something your staff could help you with too.

A donation to charity on a client’s behalf is not often viewed favourably. According to Flying Solo “Some people who receive this sort of gift think that you are too busy and they are not important enough for you to spend the time selecting an appropriate gift.” Of course this isn’t to say that it wouldn’t be appreciated by some – maybe make further enquiries about your client’s favourite charity if you wish to pursue this.

What about a hamper? Rather than a “Christmas hamper”, often full of little packets of shortbread and jams, why not source a hamper with goods supplied or produced by a local business. For others there are websites who will produce personalised labels for beer or wine. Perhaps you have a photo of your client or their logo that can be used (rather than your logo) – a thoughtful touch.

Another idea is to organise a local massage therapist for a seated massage session for your client and staff in their office. Perhaps a gift certificate for a champagne breakfast or a wine tour or even a package of time from a personal concierge would be appropriate for some clients.

Perhaps you have thought of some interesting gift ideas – would love to hear about them.

Remember, that if it starts to get ‘all too hard’ or you find yourself running out of time – give me a call, I’ll help you!

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