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A Personal Concierge is so much more than a human word processor. Sure, being able to type up documents for you may be high on your list of job requirements, but it pays to consider what other tasks you can delegate.

The first thing you need to do is compile a comprehensive to-do-list. List tasks in priority order and include a due date. You can work through the list together or delegate particular jobs.  Your Personal Concierge may have an area that she specialises in, having qualifications or experience that she can bring with her.  Make sure that you find out what she likes to do and is good at before setting her the work.

Important birthdays and anniversaries are a good thing to delegate. Give your Personal Concierge a calendar of events. a budget and suggested interest for each person you need to buy for.  They can buy and wrap gifts for you, buy cards and arrange postage if required.

A Personal Concierge can research information and pricing on products that are hard to get, too.  Don’t waste your time trying to track down that one-off item when your Personal Concierge can do it for you. She can arrange quotes and even carry out purchases for you when you have made your choice. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have someone who can go shopping for particular items while you work and save you the stressful last minute dash around?

If you are thinking of travelling, your concierge can seek out the best value flights, hire cars, book accommodation and fill out a comprehensive itinerary for you.  How much easier is that than trying to do it yourself?

A Personal Concierge can source any other required services for you, book appointments and restaurants and tickets to entertainment events. The list of possibilities is only limited by your ability to delegate!

Call me – delegating is not painful you know – you’ll end up wondering how you have gone so long without doing it!

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My favourite thing in the whole wide world (except for pretty padded coat hangers – my therapist says I am making progress).

Of course there was a time not so long ago when all major travel planning, be it for business or pleasure, was organised through the local travel agent. Then along came the internet and now we have the opportunity to spend countless hours scouring websites for a great travel deal.

There is a “must look at” website called Trip Advisor. Any question you may have about accommodation, modes of travel or must see attractions in any place in the world can be answered on this site. The hours spent on this site are a delight as you are constantly educated and more often as not amused by the comments posted by fellow travellers. Of course when you a reading the recommendations take note of where the posters are from – need I say more?

When booking your flights and considering a stopover, whether it be Dubai, Singapore or another destination always check on the airline website to see what deals they can offer with hotel accommodation. You will find many 5* hotels at an extremely reasonable rate.

For those of you planning to holiday closer to home, check out the Stayz website. This is a fabulous site for finding accommodation throughout Australia. It is an extremely user friendly site and enquiries are dealt with promptly. Whether you are planning ahead or decide to go away at the last minute, I would have to say that this one takes some beating.

There are many fellow travellers who are willing to give you a few tips. These may include:-

Purchase a Lonely planet or similar book for your destination area and, during the mandatory happy hour rest period back at the hotel, go through your photos you have taken during the day and write down (in your travel diary) exactly where the photos were taken and of what using your book as a reference. All churches/cathedrals/duomos start to look the same; however you may wish to remember the name of each one.

Light a candle in each of these churches, always believe it can’t hurt and hopefully will give you good luck for your journey.

Before you head off, photocopy all documents, cards etc and keep these copies in a folder in your suitcase. Leave a copy with someone at home also.

If you are travelling with a partner/companion divide some of your clothes between the two suitcases. Hopefully the two cases won’t go missing at the same time and you will at least have something of your own to wear to tide you over.

Now this is mainly for the ladies, excuse us for a moment gentlemen. There are some wonderful travel clothes to be found such as the Mela Purdie range, Feathers and Vigorella. Even good old Postie fashions have some slacks (one of my favourite words, along with frock, yes the therapist is happy with my progress there also)

Happy travelling everyone.

If you would like a hand with your travel plans or need someone to keep an eye on your home while you are away, please get in contact with me – I’d be more than happy to help.

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