Organisation is the key to confidence and competence.  When you are disorganised and can’t work out your priorities it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  Some days are just too daunting to bother getting out of bed for, aren’t they?  It is also easy to forget something that could potentially be disastrous- your partner’s birthday springs to mind!  When you know what you need to get done each day, life is so much easier.  The best way to organise yourself is with a To-Do List.

A To-Do list allows you to think and plan clearly so that you can get everything done that you need to and all your obligations are met.  Additionally, it let’s you prioritise your tasks in order of importance, ensuring that you get the most important tasks finished first.  If you can keep everything under control it will do wonders for your stress levels.   Checking off the completed tasks as you go gives you a sense of achievement and builds your self esteem, especially if you are using it in the work place.

A To-Do list will evolve as you work allowing you to incorporate new jobs and slot them in according to their level of priority.  If you grade your tasks in order of importance from A (being extremely important) right down to F (being of very little importance) you will be able to tell at a glance what needs to be done first.  You will be far more organised, less stressed and totally in control of things.  There are lots of templates available on the internet you might like to use.  A little adaptation will make them suitable for your purposes.

If your life is a little out of control, try a To-Do list.  It sounds simple because it is but it’s also very effective.

When you have completed your To-Do list, give me, your personal concierge, a call and I will help you with it.

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