Whether it is private music lessons, sport or perhaps martial arts, out of school activities are an important part of your child’s development.  Having a Personal Concierge properly organise your child’s access to these experiences takes a lot of the stress out of it for you.

Being able to delegate time consuming tasks to your Personal Concierge takes a lot of the pressure off and you can relax, knowing that your child’s extra-curricular needs are being organised while you get on with your work.

Your Personal Concierge can research:

  • the experience and qualifications of local teachers and music schools,
  • the costs involved,
  • purchase or hire of instruments or equipment,

If you give your Personal Concierge a calendar of your child’s scheduled out of school activities they can ensure that all fees are paid on time, equipment and required clothing is purchased and special events such as concerts etc are also scheduled into your own diary so that you can arrange to attend them.

Let’s face it, is can be very time consuming if you have more than one child that you have to taxi around.  Not only does it cost you in time and petrol, it also costs you in lost income while you are away from the office.  I know that you love your kids and treasure all your time with them but there has to be a balance, doesn’t there?  Well, there is.

While you enjoy spending time with your kids, you can delegate work to your Personal Concierge to take care of while you are gone.  She will keep your office running and your money coming in for the time you are away.  Phone calls, accounts, email, packing and sending – all of these tasks and many can be done for you.

So if the time has come for your child to take up a musical instrument or some similar interest and you don’t have the time to dedicate to organising it all, then it’s a perfect task to handball to your Personal Concierge. Don’t let your kids miss out just because you are too busy yourself to organise lessons for them.

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