Whether you like it or not, those nearest and dearest to you will insist on having children. This means that at times you’re going to be faced with kids that aren’t yours, and that you don’t necessarily want.

First up, there’s little you can do about the reproduction choices of others, so you’ve just got to accept it or become a monk on a mountain high up in Tibet.

Let’s be upfront about it. Kids are messy, noisy and interrupt conversations at the most inopportune times. BUT – they are also easily bribed and respond well to being made to feel special. You can use this knowledge to your advantage.

If you want some time to chat, eat in peace or just be left alone, your safest bet is to find out what they like and give it to them when you next meet.  You can get away with it where parents can’t.  Yes, it’s a bribe but if ever there is a time to bribe someone, this is it.

Don’t make assumptions about what kids like.  You’re bound to get it wrong.  Don’t assume all kids like to colour in just because you did, or you’ll probably have rebellion on your hands.

“I HATE colouring in!  You can’t make me do it.”

Taking the time to find out their age appropriate interests will also make you the Best Person In The World and really boosts the chance that they will do exactly what you ask them to and when you ask them to do it.

If you don’t like having kids in your own home, organise to meet your child-bearing friends elsewhere. Do some research and track down places that have an outdoor play area.  It’s a rare child that doesn’t want to get out to play on equipment they haven’t experienced before. You get peace, they get fun.  It’s a fair trade.

Here are some special tips:

  • Avoid wearing white as much as possible.
  • Large dangly jewellery has a good chance of being sucked on, by the babies and toddlers, and inadvertently caught and pulled hard by pre-schoolers and above.
  • Anything of value; financial or sentimental, is best put in a safe spot. Interstate is good.

As tempting as it sounds, avoiding children is really not the best answer, especially if you want to keep in contact with your friends.   You can tolerate them or manage them.  When you manage them you’ll find they’re not as bad as you once thought they were.

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2 Responses to Sassy Survival Skills for Singlechicks Over 30 – Coping With Kids When You’re Not a Kid Person

  1. Chris Owen says:

    Great article Deb!

    • Many thanks Chris. I saw a report recently that stated there is a young professional club for singles where talking about children is against the rules!

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