I admit that I get annoyed when people start talking about Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK).  I don’t think everyone interprets RAOK in the way I do.

What is a RAOK?

All too often I read people’s tales of their RAOK and it’s simply that they carried an old lady’s shopping to the car for her.  Is it me or do you think that this is more a display of good manners than a RAOK?

To me, a RAOK is when someone deliberately goes out of their way to help another person.  Not just back to the car park.  A RAOK is something that you see on television when an anonymous person replaces an item stolen from a poor family.  It’s the way people pitched in and helped total strangers after the recent floods.  It’s when someone hears of a person in trouble and freely volunteers their time to help out.

I feel disappointed when I read that the RAOK tip of the day is to hold the door open for someone else.  Isn’t that just good manners?  Isn’t it just good manners when you let someone go ahead of you at the supermarket checkout if they only have a couple of times and you have a full trolley?   Surely that is something we would do without even thinking.

What I love about RAOK is that it makes people pay attention to the needs of others and that is something we often forget to do in the hectic rush to get everything done each day.  I’ve seen people do some remarkably selfless things for others and it makes me proud to be human.

I guess it doesn’t really matter what people call it as long as they do it.  Kindness and manners are both necessities of life after all, aren’t they?

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  1. I have to be honest, I don’t care what you call it, as long as you do it. What may seem minor for you may be major for them. Maybe they have had a back complaint so carrying groceries to the car is a big thing. Again, it is the selfless giving to others that counts.
    The only thing better than a Random Act of Kindness is an Anonymous Random Act of Kindness. Do we really need to tell people how wonderful we are for what we did? Does that defeat the purpose of giving when we ended up getting more mileage out of talking about it that the original giving of it? Let others mention what they saw. It is up to us to perform and act of kindness no matter how large or how small.

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