Just signed the documents for your new home? What an exciting time for you!

Hmmm now for the packing. How on earth did I accumulate so much stuff you may ask yourself? It’s easy to do, so don’t beat yourself up – I’m sure we’ve all been there.

It’s a great idea to get rid of some of the clutter before you start filling up those boxes for the move to your new home. You may like to follow some of these suggestions to get you on your way:-

If you haven’t used it within the last year you probably never will – out it goes.

If it’s broken and has been so for the last 12-18months, you probably have no intention of ever fixing it or using it – toss it.

If it doesn’t fit you, and hasn’t for a year – in the op-shop pile

If it’s past its use-by-date – turf it

If it’s a gift you are hanging onto because it was a gift, not because you like it or use it – op shop

If I have 20 sets/pairs of the same thing – let it go people!

I’m sure by now you’d be feeling a lot happier about packing up your decluttered house. But what about the unpacking at the other end?

Just imagine coming home to your new home to find the boxes unpacked, your kitchen in order, your beds made and the rubbish removed. There might even be dinner and wine in the fridge for the first night in your new home. Pure bliss!

If you are thinking of moving in the near future, don’t forget that a personal concierge can help you with all this and more. Give me a call.

What “moving house” stories/tips have you got? Would love to hear them!

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  1. Belinda says:

    Hi Deb
    I recently packed up my house with the thought I was moving straight into a new rental and essentially used the tips above and got rid of ALOT of stuff… I thought it would be interesting to not label any boxes except one with plates, cuttlery etc so we can eat… And it means I have to make myself unpack all of the boxes to find things rather than procrastinating.
    Then the rental we thought we had fell through so I am temporarily back at the parents with all of our stuff in storage (apart from absolute essentials) and have since decided to save to buy a home rather than continue renting… which has now brought across the realisation that I may not open those boxes for 12 months or so…
    Its going to be hilarious unpacking and looking at all of the stuff I have lived without for over a year!! – So I think another cleanout may be in order at the other end.
    Love your work!

    • Hi Belinda,
      I love your thinking! One right out of the box – no labels except for the essentials. I think that breaks all the rules about moving, but hey, rules are there to be broken! The only downside would be that you would have to take a bit of time off work to unpack said boxes, but if you’ve got that bit of time, fantastic! Sounds like you have had the run-around lately, but nothing like a bit of time back at the parents to calm things a bit. Mind you I wouldn’t have been feeling so calm if I had moved back in with my mum, but that is another story….it’s not all about me!
      Hope your saving plan for a deposit is going well 🙂
      Thanks for your comment Belinda,
      Take care, Debbie

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