Whenever I see those shows on TV where people win a fortune and plan to spend it all on their wedding, I wonder if they are crazy.  I know that we all want the perfect wedding and reception, but does it have to cost us the money we could otherwise use as a home deposit?

I read somewhere recently that the average cost of a wedding is $25,000. How many couples do you know that would have that sort of money lying around?  It’s no wonder so many put off the wedding and just move in together.

If you don’t want to go broke over your wedding day, here are a few ways that you can cut back on your expenses.

1.  Ask each other what is most important to you when you think of your wedding day.  Work out a list of priorities.  You might be surprised to find that budget breakers like fancy reception venues aren’t seen as important by either of you!  Cut back on what you don’t value.

2.  Involve your friends and family.  You never know who has a contact somewhere – a cake decorator, a dressmaker or a florist.

3.  Choose a simple theme for your wedding.  Use flowers that are in season and take the wedding outdoors if the weather is good.  Picnic weddings can be elegant and relaxed.

4.  Save on your decorations.  Fairy lights and gauzy material strung around the roof and tables will give your reception a magical feel for little cost and both can be used again later.

5.  Skip the wedding presents and ask your guests to pay for their meal instead.  After all, you can only have so many toasters.  This is becoming more common these days and it saves your guests the worry of what to buy.

6.  Hire your dress instead of buying it.  You won’t ever wear it again and it will just hang in the cupboard going yellow with age.

7.  Remember that ‘less is more’ and don’t try to do too much.  You don’t need flowers on every table or fancy chair covers.  You don’t need a band.  You don’t need a big cake.

8.  Ask your friends to take the photos and videos of the event.   It saves hundreds on photography fees and will give you lots of photos to choose from for your album.

It isn’t the ‘things’ that will make your wedding day perfect, it’s the people.  Remember what is important and enjoy your day.  You’ll save money and stress and start your married life off in the company of people you love.

If you are planning a wedding and need a hand, contact me, I’d be thrilled to help you. After all, everyone loves a wedding!

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  1. Nina Eason says:

    We saved money at our wedding by getting Bob’s Uncle Frank to do the video as he loves filming as a hobby and we used our friend’s cars to transport us.

    Saved heaps.

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