“I don’t know how you do it!” you find yourself saying.

“You really are Wonder Woman,” you conclude.

Being “wonder woman” isn’t as hard as it looks, and if we’re being completely honest, it’s actually a bit of a facade.

Unfortunately, we look at those women who appear to be “doing it all and having it all” and we just want to be like them.

What you don’t see is just how it is they manage to get everything done.

The secret?


There are so many aspects of our life that can be done by someone else; the cleaning for example, or the ironing. There are people who will come and sort your pantry out, or help to organise your office.  (Cough cough)

Some assistants, like me, will also do things like book appointments for you, arrange meetings and even organise someone to give the floor a vacuum, do your washing and ironing! Who says you need to be CEO of some multimillion dollar company to have your own PA?

You don’t!

The best think you can do to become the wonder woman you want to be is to call in help. Call in someone to do all the things you don’t like to do so that not only do you get everything done, but you also get to spend more time on the things you enjoy and that make you happy.

Calling in help is not an admission of failure, it is what all sensible, smart, savvy women do … it is their little secret.


Who are you calling in first, Ms Wonder Woman?

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