Doing the laundry may sound like a simple enough task, but there is nothing worse than ending up with all your clothes coloured pink or with big streaks where there should be none!  Save yourself some stress and read these easy tips for doing the laundry:

  • Separate your laundry into piles according to colour. You’ll need one for whites, one for colours and one for dark.
  • Wash similar colours together. This will stop your whites from going strange shades of grey and your coloured clothes from streaking.
  • If you wash your darker clothes especially jeans and t-shirts inside out and hang them out this way they won’t fade so quickly.
  • Don’t wash towels and sheets with your normal clothes. Your clothes will get covered in little fluffy bits and it’s incredibly hard to get off! You’ll be picking at your clothes for weeks afterwards.
  • If you do find a stain, apply a stain remover (ideally soon after you spot the stain) then wash clothes as normal.
  • For heavier stains you might need to invest in some soaking agent such as Napisan or White King and a bucket! Read the instructions on the container because that will tell you how much to use.  Soak them for a while and then you can wash as normal.
  • If you spend a little time shaking out your wet laundry before you hang it out and then fold them into the basket off the line, you will probably be able to avoid ironing most items of clothing.

If in doubt, read the washing (and drying) instructions you will on the tag inside any garment. It won’t take you long before you get the hang of things and your clothes will be clean and in good order.

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