Are you recently divorced?  Making the adjustment to single life can be hard for many men and somewhere in the struggle they forget to take care of themselves.  Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your divorce, looking after yourself particularly from a health and fitness perspectiveis something that you will have to learn to do.  To help you cope with the pressure and the stress of divorce, you‘ll need to get enough sleep, exercise and healthy food.

Getting some exercise and eating a healthy diet might be the furthest thing from your mind but it’s important to make an effort.  Did you know that men can suffer health problems after divorce, particularly heart disease and depression?  It’s a fact.  Therefore while a diet of beer and takeaway might seem good initially, it isn’t going to do much good for you.

Maintaining your overall health will make you feel better about yourself and while it may be too early to enter into the dating game yet, when you do, you will feel more confident if you are in good shape. Exercise is also a great way to stave off depression as it releases chemicals into your body to make you feel good about yourself, even if only for the short term.  Don’t feel pressured to join a gym. Even a brisk walk a few times a week will help improve your fitness and your mood and will ultimately aid your sleep patterns as well.

A healthy diet includes lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Eating nutritional home cooked meals is the best way to avoid putting on those unwanted kilos.  If you are not particularly skilled as a cook, pick yourself up a cookbook and have a go.  There are cooking classes designed for single men and you’ll even find some great ideas and recipes online.

Don’t forget to read our earlier articles on how to cook, to shop and to store food.  They are there to help you start your new life smoothly.

Managing your health is all about balance.  Trying to change old habits may not be easy but knowing that you are working to improve yourself may just help you feel better and enable you to get on with your life – one day at a time!

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