You’ve finally moved out of home.  You’re free!   You can do what you like when you like it.  Life is good.

But spare a thought for Mum.  Having a child leave move out after so many years can be a tough thing to cope with. She’ll need to know that she isn’t losing you completely.   The best way to keep her happy is to stay in regular contact with her.

Why do you want to keep her happy?  Well, think about it.  Who knows how to cook the foods you love?  Who knows how to do the laundry without having colours run?  Who has the answer to all the questions that you are going to have now that you have to do it all for yourself?

Yes, Mum knows.  And she’ll be very happy to share her knowledge.

So stay on her good side. She loves you as much as you love her.

  • First, remember her birthday. This will entail a multi-pronged approach – a phone call, a card, a bunch of flowers and/or present. And if you live nearby you will need to visit her.  Why not take her out to breakfast, lunch or dinner – or better still, cook for her!
  • Coming in as a close second: remember Mother’s Day. Again, this will entail a multi-pronged approach to show how much she means to you.
  • Phone calls – these will have to be regular. To start with at least once a week. You probably know you can look after yourself and survive just fine, but your Mum will need to be reassured of this to stop her from worrying
  • Text messages – an easy and quick way to stay in touch.
  • Visits – Drop in to see her.  Whether it’s for a coffee or for a meal, this will keep you well fed and your mother happy. If you live far away you need to make an effort for Christmas or holiday visits.
  • Don’t just ‘use’ your Mum.  By this I mean don’t go there just to raid the pantry or get her to do your laundry.  This will not make Mum happy!


If you follow these points you will have a very happy Mum and you will stay in the good books for many years to come!




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  1. Pauline Mann Stringer says:

    I think that Mum needs to prepare before the kids leave the nest. Sometimes it means re inventing herself and moving away from the identity as Mum. It can mean doing new things that she may have been unable to do while being ‘Mum’

    • Agree whole heartedly Pauline. I decided it was ‘my time’ when ours left the nest and I started my business – something I’d been thinking about for quite some time! Are you an empty nester?

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