Sometimes the amount you spend at the grocery store can vastly differ from one week to the next, which makes accurate budgeting very difficult. With a few simple points and a bit of practice you can perfect the art of shopping on a budget.

  • Unit pricing – recently introduced in all supermarkets, this means the cost of all items are now broken down into one base unit price, making it easier to work out most cost-effective brand to buy.
  • Plan Ahead – planning your menu for the week and writing a list will not only avoid buying items you don’t need, it will also mean you don’t forget anything. You won’t impulse buy and if you plan really carefully you can ensure no food goes to waste.
  • Buy in bulk – items such as meat (to freeze), flour, cereals, nuts and dried fruit.
  • Buy seasonal – visit your local growers or farmers market where you will not only notice a significant difference in the cost of fresh fruit and veg, the quality and freshness is far better as well.
  • Try alternatives – instead of using meat for every dish, which is the most expensive item on the grocery bill, try using lentils, beans, tofu or just add more vegetables.
  • Take advantages of specials from weekly catalogues – stock up on staples when they are on special. Once you get into this practice you will never pay full price for any of these items.
  • Shop around – get to know where certain items you buy a lot are always cheapest eg baby formula.
  • A healthy diet is usually low in processed items.  Take pre-made biscuits and packaged goods off your menu and replace them with fresh foods and you will notice a big saving.
  • If you have a busy lifestyle make sure that you stock your fridge and pantry with food that is fast to prepare.  Pasta and stir fries are fast to make and you won’t have to resort to takeaways.
  • Pay attention at the register.  Make sure you are getting your purchases at the advertised price.
  • Just because it is ‘home brand’ doesn’t mean it is bad.  Some of the staple items are actually quite good.
  • Shop towards the end of the week.  All the specials will be marked and often there are discount items beginning to appear.
  • Shop towards the end of the day (or very early in the morning depending on the way your store works) and you’ll find things which are getting close to sell by date which have been marked down.  Most items can be frozen for later use.
  • If you find that you can’t resist the treats that you see whenever you shop, think about having someone like a Personal Concierge do your shopping for you.  You’ll save on stress, time and kilojoules.

If you follow these tips and make a few adjustments to your purchasing, the amount you pay at the checkout will leave you pleasantly surprised!

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  1. Say Mmm says:

    Nice set of tips on grocery shopping!

    • Thank you so much. Glad you liked the tips – I see you provide lots of great ideas for planning meals on your site. I’m sure you have lots of fans!
      Take care, Debbie

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  3. It is best to have a personal concierge for grocery shopping if you do not enjoy it much and have less time in hand.

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