You’re out of the house, away on business and as you check yourself out in the mirror you’re confronted with a run in your tights or a hanging hem, and your button pops off in shock!  Of course you don’t have access your fully stocked sewing kit, do you?  Typical.

What do you do?

Here are seven simple and quick emergency clothing repairs (and some items to keep handy!)

  • Clear nail polish or hairspray will keep a run in your pantyhose at bay. If you’re pushed, and the run is hidden, any nail polish will do to prevent the run from making its way up, or down, your leg.
  • Temporarily fix hanging hems with the aid of a safety pin, sticky tape, double sided tape or staples. If you have stockings on and you’re worried about snags, staple your hem from the inside out.
  • Reattach buttons that have shafts with a safety pin.
  • Buttons with holes can easily be reattached with the aid of dental floss.
  • Cover up a burn hole by cutting away a small piece of an inside seam and covering the hole from the inside of the garment, using glue or tape for a temporary fix.
  • Appliqués, laces and trims are also great for covering burn holes or stains, so long as they match the fabric of the garment well.
  • Threading a strong rubber band through your button hole and lopping it around the button will give the waistband of your pants some extra room.

Remember, these are temporary fixes, and will need a good seeing to once your night, trip or meeting is over, but they will see you through the crucial stages when you need them to!

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