Whether it’s happening at work or in your relationship, and as stressful and horrible as it can feel at the time, some competition is actually a good thing.

A really good thing!

Think about it; you’re cruising along at work, getting everything done in the time frames you’re given, your boss is impressed with you  and you’re simply … cruising.

Suddenly, a new girl arrives. She’s not bad, you think. She’s a little more efficient, and not scared to share her ideas on how things could be improved, or to implement a new system.

You were THAT person, but suddenly you have competition. Surely this calls for some crying under the doona and taking the rest of the girls out for a drink and a bitch-session, right?

Perhaps it isn’t as bad as it seems? While you might feel happy just cruising along day to day, content with your workload and ticking off your list, weren’t you really starting to get just a little bored?  Perhaps you feel a little complacent?

Competition can force you to ‘step up’, take some initiative or speak up about something that’s been bothering you. It can cause you to move towards the edges, and take a tentative step out of your comfort zone.  It may offer you a promotion or movement upwards – or out of – a company.

Even in your relationships, whether romantic and intimate, or with your friends or work colleagues, competition can help you to address the monotony.  How dare she become friends with your friends?  They were yours first, weren’t they?  Who does she think she is, going out with them tonight…..  Oh, I said no when they asked, didn’t I?  I just couldn’t be bothered going out…

Competition forces you to see things differently. It shows you what is important to you and what isn’t.  Competition forces you to take action and make decisions.  It shows you how to lift your game in life.

Competition can help shape you into a better person and that can only be a good thing.

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