June 2010





Be gentle with me, this is my first blog – didn’t think there was much of a reason to share my thoughts, ideas, suggestions, preferences with the world wide web but it appears that I have been wrong. I’ve been quick to embrace social media but why so slow to embrace blogging. Is it laziness or perhaps lack of imagination, or is it that my studies finished many years ago and I’ve had no need to put pen to paper? I have an inkling there might be a dash of procrastination in there too.

Well that is all about to change. Many of you may have read the #lifestyletips I tweet about. If you have, you will have noticed that the subject matter is fairly random – I like that, so why should this blog be any different I ask? It won’t be, I like random.

So, I invite you along for the ride and hope to provide you with great information and a bit of wicked humour thrown in for good measure.

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