Taking Time off to Wait for Tradies?

"How much time off work have you taken to stay at home waiting for a tradesman to arrive? We can do that for you and clean out a few cupboards or fold some washing while we are waiting."

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What’s it like when everyday is a juggling act?

We here at Day 2 Day Personal Concierge understand your troubles and want to take some of that load off your shoulders.

We want to give you, the busy people of Melbourne Australia, the opportunity of having a personal assistant, concierge, shopper or event planner so you don’t have the worry of running errands, organizing parties, or buying gifts.

We believe that time is the most valuable commodity, since we can never buy it. In giving us your “to-do” list and by letting someone else handle your errands, you can treasure your worry-free leisure time with family and friends.